What you won't find here is a comprehensive list of everything I've ever been into. I've tried to stick to those links that I rarely see elsewhere. Yep, some of the people represented are friends of mine, and others I will probably never meet. However, they've all shaped the way I listen and behave in some significant way.

Adrian Newton

Sonic artist and improvisor - member of Zaum and No Context.

Berg Sans Nipple

Home of The Berg Sans Nipple - a fantastic improvisation/live sampling duo.


Don't be put off by the naff name, Brenda sound massive...stadium-sized thinking-rock with loads of unusual processing, big chords and clever time-changes.

Chuckalumba Recording

Outstanding analogue studio in the tranquility of the New Forest. Bands to grace Chuckalumba include Electric Wizard, Hunting Lodge and Sunshine Republic.

Dirty Demos

Hand-to-mouth electronica label based in Swanage

et pourtant label

Home of Death by Horsecock, When Day Chokes the Night and all the other stuff these folks do. Well good.

Francisco Lopez

From a distance: an undulating and ever-changing atmospheric hum - up close: a hive of musical microparticles swarming to create stunning electroacoustic landscapes. Lopez's vision is of the world as a massive organic sound generator, and his music has left me breathless on several occasions.


What will they do next..?


ambient/drone/noise/esoteric music on cdr

Monkey In Fez

Website of photography and web artist Paul Hockett - stunning stuff.


Experimental electronics and feedback processing from The Netherlands.


The incredible Navigator don't exist anymore. Burning Shed have got a CD of their original singles. Find their bleak drone masterpiece 'nostalgie' if you can, its worth all the effort.

Perfect Sound Forever

Superior online music journal.

Perry solo

Andrew Perry and everything he does - solo, collaborations, guitar drone/mouth-slop

Psycho Navigation

Dublin label / radio / events sporting some stunning ambient/electronics


Dorset promotors par excellence.

Resonance FM

Puts most other british radio to shame. There's nothing the LMC aren't prepared to programme, music-wise. Intelligent and surprising.

Side Projects

A kindred spirit in the onedeafear world...Can't be bothered to have a big project? Can't get around to finishing everything? Got too many ideas to run with..? Don't worry, just do what Elks, Scout Hut and Like A Cornered Rabbit Like A Cornered Fox have done, and regard everything as a SIDE PROJECT! Great art, interesting music, and absolutely no pretensions.

Sonic Arts Network

The academic end of electronic music. Superb source of links and new music.


Dorset record label - home of the very fine True Swamp Neglect.


Understated, delicate and beautiful songwriting/programming.

The Boy Fitzhammond.

Top illustrations and cartoons featuring the rich, the famous, monkeys and dog-poo, from a top chap. Brilliant.

The Mylar Blackout

Noise terror duo featuring Bart of Jack Nicholson

Thomas Truax

Thomas Truax, Sister Spinster and The Hornicator.